Pb−Free Package. See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 2 of this data sheet. ORDERING INFORMATION. Astable multivibrators. ▫ Monostable multivibrators. 74HC14; 74HCT Hex inverting Schmitt trigger. Rev. 7 — 19 November Product data sheet. 74C14 datasheet, 74C14 pdf, 74C14 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Fairchild Semiconductor, Hex Schmitt Trigger.

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Once this lot is sold, TTL ICs that you need will virtually certainly be part of the sold lot, and may never be available to you again from us, and since many are relatively rare, they may never be available for you to buy from anyone else either – at least not at our very low prices.

We will not charge shipping to Buyer’s shipper account. We are more flexible in types of payments and shipping conditions.

74C14 Datasheet

For datasheets for integrated circuits, transistors, rectifiers, diodes, and most other electronic parts, we recommend the following great electronic parts database websites: However, if for any reason our end count is below 10, we will refund you based on the prorated amount we ship.

We have some Items in datashet larger quantities than offered above as usually stated in Item description.

OUR ICs are offered on these webpages: Schmitt trigger ICs give a much cleaner and sharper output, especially if input rise and fall times are relatively high. At least 5 different part numbers, and every part number consists of at least one full tube of the part number. MC74HCB1 shipped in antistatic tube. And both the DIP and SM tubes can be later recycled to store other ICs that will fit into them, as sound, thermal and electrical insulating materials, and even as lightweight but strong and very protective packing materials.

Do a PP “Send Money” to: We are not responsible for cash sent in the mails, so conceal well. There are many equivalent electronic parts – if you can’t find your exact electronic parts, search for the part’s function and functional variations e.

Electronic design tutorials, electronic applications, specific circuit designs and even patent data can be found using Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.


We will not look for numbers nor 744c14n into numeric orders datasheeg you will get one big box with all of these TTL ICs very cheap. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse any order, form of payment, or buyer-imposed sale or shipping conditions without liability to us. For our good buyers: Prior explicit permission from us is required before you ship to us any Item for trade. We are one of the few electronic parts dealers which also reference “74” and “54” TTL ICs by their truncated numbers.

74C14 – 74C14 Hex Schmitt Trigger Datasheet

Please do NOT phone us about Items of trade. Williams ” due to fact that using MTS to pay to a business name is usually a major hassle. Yet, ICs are very versatile with dtaasheet applications. We have only several of these lots remaining from reels originally of and CY74FCT shipped in antistatic tube. No credit cards, CODs, partial payments, postdated payments, “on approvals” or any other types of payments or shipment not explicitly OKed herein or by us in writing prior to payment.

NTE74C14 – IC-CMOS HEX Schmitt Trigger Inverter

New old Stock NOS. You will receive one or both of the IC part numbers stated in the Title; if you prefer one IC part number over the other, let us know. We do not want old TVs,VCRs, home systems, computers, monitors or peripherals or big, heavy items, and all items must be clean and safe to ship and handle. While we don’t know everything about everything tech no one doeswe have a high level of expertise.

Test Source Links only no visitor use: If our end count is above 1, all the extra ICs will be part of this deal and we will not charge you more for them. We often buy and trade for new electronic parts, electronic test equipment, and other items of the types described herein, preferably in larger quantities, some which we set aside for our own electronic laboratory, shop, and other inventories and some we resell herein.

BoxAlbuquerque, NM Contact: Please email us please don’t call as we are often in our labsuse email Subject: A very useful, practical and popular IC.


We will not look for specific numbers nor sort into any kind of order – you will get one big cardboard box or plastic bin with all of these TTL ICs at our very cheap price! We are not in any way agents nor representative of them, nor in business with them e.

(PDF) 74C14 Datasheet download

Some images are missing – we are recently nearly overwhelmed by huge buys of ICs we are still combing through, and simply don’t have the staff to photograph all of 1,s of new parts.

SN for a TTL partin which case, ignore the prefix letter s as they don’t dictate function. For any of our descriptions or images that are missing, incomplete or inaccurate and this sincerely affects your purchase decision, please satasheet us please don’t phone; put “Need Better Info for Item” in email Subject Line so we can make reasonable corrections e.

Money Transfer Services MTS and all business names referred to on this website other than ABQ Techzonics and Consumertronics are referred to only as totally independent sources of services or products our Clients may avail themselves to if they so choose, and to identify the manufacturers of products sold herein e.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise on this webpage, all applicable Techzonics organization policies are found at: If you still can’t find your electronic parts, try by other name and part variations. If our end count is above 5, all the extra ICs will be part of this deal and we will not charge you more for them. We will seriously consider underselling all other major sellers of the same items. At least 20 different part numbers. SOIC “gull wing” package. If interested we will email you back with conditional acceptance or a counteroffer.

All small parts and materials we acquire for resale herein must be new, but we often buy and trade for used large parts, tools, equipment and books in very good conditions, which we describe as “used” for those we resell.

M74HCB1 shipped in antistatic tube.

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