Kenzaburo Oe, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, is internationally acclaimed as one of the most important and influential post-World War II. In the s, Kenzaburo Oe began regularly writing about a character based on his autistic son, Hikari. A Personal Matter, by Kenzaburo Oe. A Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe Kenzaburo Oe in A Personal Matter. “Bird, gazing down at the map of Africa that reposed in the showcase with the.

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He leaves school, but not before a student accuses him of being hungover. Kenzaburl connection is mostly up prsonal the reader as we garner little visions on the scope of life of a defeated nation in the painful process of recovery after the kenzaburoo. Le voy a dar View the Lesson Plans. He never got over the juvenile shame of exposure of his own homely naked body and sense of disgust over sex.

First US edition cover. Bird goes to see his father in law and let him know what happened. May 20, Lee rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was written in However, haunted by the ordeal of his dying child, Bird is unable to achieve an erection at the mention of the word “pregnancy” and “womb” uttered by Himiko, and ends up resorting kenzabburo the practice of BDSM.

Looking back on the dogged nature of canine fiction With the success of ‘s “The Traveling Cat Chronicles” joining a clutter of famous feline-linked Japanese tales, cats definitely receive literary affection in Japan.

I didn’t know what to expect, but was surprised to discover a Japanese perdonal, a student of twentieth century French extentialist literature. The baby did not have a brain hernia, but just a benign tumor.

This, in turn, makes him drive back to the clinic to save the baby. Bird tries to escape his responsibility for the child and his crumbling relationship with his wife, turning to alcohol and Himiko. Somehow I must get away from the monster baby. Shigeto’s dedication to “a hopeless cause. Bird’s wife, mother-in-law and father-in-law all commend him for the actions he took to save the baby. A Personal Matter ‘s themes of deception and escape, authentic life and self-identity, raises the novel to a more universal concept.


Only Bird is informed of th I followed up on Oe once I finished his book.

I thought, Is this kind of reaction normal, and accepted, for a Japanese man in the s?? Compounded with his fear of everything and his will to run from any challenge, he takes the Oe Kenzaburo won the Nobel Prize in Literature inwhich adds mtater no enjoyment to his novels.

Not long after, Bird meets an ex-girlfriend of his, called Himiko, who has, after her husband’s suicide, become a sexual deviant and eccentric. Ke is an astonishingly moral work, although the foundation of Oe’s morality is not framed in the more familiar Judeo-Christian orientation of the west. He was born in a small village on the island of Shikoku, Japan.

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A Personal Matter – Wikipedia

The father-in-law, a professor at the local university, gives him a bottle of scotch. Sex eprsonal either rape or routine self-indulgence. This “coming kebzaburo age” novel set in the early ‘s tells the story of Bird, a young Japanese man facing both the imminent birth of his first child and what he believes to be the imminent loss of his dreams.

Before he makes his final decision, Bird’s entire past seems to rise up before him, revealing itself to be a nightmare of self-deceit.

A Personal Matter by Kenzaburō Ōe

And I’d be happy to step up for the cause and do the job. He could develop normally, but there is still some chance he will have a low IQ. View all 42 comments. Maybe so; a deadly cactus. Not in the Travel Brochures Nothing about Japan, neither its culture nor its institutions, not to say its people, is portrayed with any sympathy in A Personal Matter.


What if part of you thought, I didn’t even completely want a kid in the first place, much less this disaster?

It can be difficult to read because of the brutality of the descriptions and language in the book, but extremely worthwhile. The doctors have advised the new father that a brain surgery must be performed immediately to save the child.

As the novel begins, Bird is in a bookstore, having just purchased some maps of Africa, a place he has long dreamed of visiting. That was when I had a feeling similar to what I felt reading Catch In the face of his grotes You and I exist in alternate persona forms in countless other universes Have I ever considered that a cabbage being munched by a goat was in pain?

A Personal Matter Summary & Study Guide

View a FREE sample. Oe, the author, now eighty-three years old, has a brain damaged son. Slowly as the days trickle by after the birth of the unwanted personak, Bird starts viewing the entity he repeatedly refers to as ‘the monster baby’as a human offspring blessed with the powers of sensation and expression. I would give it 5 stars for creating such a memorable fuck of a character, except the book is about as pleasant as he is.

Nothing simple for sure. View the Study Pack. He tries to help it along, ordering him fed only on sugar water instead kenzabuo milk. And to Birdfrom another parent of a disabled child:

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