Timeless (Timeless Series) [Alexandra Monir] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When tragedy strikes Michele Windsor’s world, she is. Timeless (Timeless #1) is Alexandra Monir’s debut novel and best-selling time travel romance. An Amazon Best Books of the Month Pick and a. Timekeeper (Timeless #2) by Alexandra Monir: This sequel to Timeless combines breathtaking romance with a tale of complex magic in a story.

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It just seemed too convenient. It’s double the fun reading a book you like when you’ve met the author. Victorian high society is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine Downton Abbey and the house that Michele get to live in sounds just amazingly gorgeous and full of so much history. I’ve heard about loving a book from the very first page, but I’ve never felt this way before.

Michele learns his name is Philip Walker and despite their strange circumstances, they fall in love, causing Philip to break off his engagement with Violet and start a family feud between the two households that Michele had previously learned about from her history class.

I need the second one right now and I hate the waiting. As far as reading the sequel, I’m not sure. God, who doesn’t like cantaloupe? I can’t wait for the next book! As long as it has a happy ending I’m all for it.

Timeless Series

Then when she was late getting back to the present time, her grandparents were like SO angry and she just said, “I have school work with Cassie”. Sure, this book isn’t completely original, but none of this is what disappointed me.


View all 18 comments. I can slexandra out loud the whole conversation and it would probably take me less than fifteen minutes. Dec 19, Meret Punk rated it it was amazing Shelves: Honestly If I were Michele I wouldn’t bother travelling down the road to save such a stale relationship let alone through time.

May 15, Nicol rated it did not like it. How can two people be together if they are not from the same period of time? And it rather made me shocked that this book got published. To some that might seem timelsss, but to me it felt perfect, like they were the actual piece to the other’s puzzle, and as cliche as that sounds, Monir makes it work splendidly. Thanks for telling us about the problem. They weren’t annoying just bland. Sing my song so my fiancee can get back to New York.

From the Hardcover edition. She learned that what she does in the past definitely affects the future so she made every action and moment count. She is attracted to him, but never saw him in her entire life.

But quite frankly, it was shitty. Michele contemplates with despair a lifetime without him after a few encounters. I was actually fine with everything else, but whenever the romance took center stage, my opinion on the book went down. Jan 11, Pages Young Adult Buy.

Timeless (Timeless, #1) by Alexandra Monir

Overall this really is just a fantastic story, and the added bonus of an original soundtrack by the author was just amazing. That Ben kid, who asked her to a prom. Then there’s the ancestors Michele met. I’m holding my breath for the sequel and it’s gonna take a lot of waiting until the next one comes out. Since then, these past two weeks I’ve been awake.


Help me get out of here. What’s a brain rape, you ask? The fact that not one of them seems anything but mildl I have found that it takes a really amazing writer to to justice to the “time travel”genre, there is just a certain finesse needed to do it right. Is it just me or does the girl on the cover look like Jason Stackhouse from Trueblood, ex-girlfriend So this is basically about Michele, whom mother has just recently died and left custody of her daughter to her estranged parents, whom just happen t Oh Man, I loved this!

He was a musician which drew me to him. See all books by Alexandra Monir. They were considered as one of the richest family in New York.

When they finally met, there wasn’t much suspense or build-up. In their historic Fifth Avenue mansion, filled with a century’s worth of family secrets, Michele discovers the biggest family secret of alexanda – an ancestor’s diary that, amazingly, has the power to send When tragedy strikes Michele Windsor’s family, she is forced to move from Los Angeles to New York City to live with the wealthy, aristocratic grandparents she has never met.

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