Bruce M. Di Marsico, the creator of Option, died Monday, December 4, . The cause of unhappiness is a belief. What happens, no matter how. 1 [Bruce Di Marsico, Deborah Mendel, Wendy Dolber, Frank Mosca, Aryeh Nielsen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Option Method.

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The baffled Barnaby said yes.

We talked and had lunch together. Unhappiness is the feeling of a belief about a perceived or imagined phenomena; not an experience caused by the phenomena or anything else. I hope you are happy too and free from pain.

Option Method Network

Di MarsicoRemembrance – by Frank Mosca As I sat thinking of what to say about my memories of Bruce, my mind ranged over the years and methhod many wonderful things he had said that were so incredibly clarifying and insightful. Fear is not a simple desire to avoid, destroy or otherwise prevent or eliminate a threat to your desire values.

There will never be a way we could demonstrate or give ENOUGH to fully express the extent of our appreciation and gratitude for your existence. Both roots otpion quite appropriate for the name of the method whose goal is to serve by helping people to realize the role that personal choice plays in their emotional states.

Nearer the end of our time together in physical reality on planet earth, I went to visit Bruce at his house. To be sure, he had an inimitable style of presenting Option and of querying people about their unhappiness. I describe it like this, no person is afraid of being poor, in itself, but of being an unhappy poor person.


The Best Books of He was blunt and straightforward, but always in a way that was respectful and to the point. Bruce Di Marsico left behind a rich legacy methdo his voluminous writings on the nature of happiness and unhappiness and his blueprint for achieving happiness through The Option Method. We merely believe we need to have things or avoid things in order to avoid unhappiness, which we would not have to fear if we did not believe we needed to be unhappy.

I had mixed emotions. The belief in unhappiness is the belief in being wrong for oneself. And I am so grateful for the abundant opportunities to find them and to watch them turn into sources of amusement before my wondering eyes.

To state it simply: It was an adventure to become gloriously entangled in the web of agreements and disagreements with him over this never ending feast of topics, from matsico sublime to the ridiculous. I am as-if denying reality, and that is wrong. I never spent time with Bruce without uncovering another unhappy assumption.

He gave me an Option session. All unhappiness is the fear that we have a bad attitude for ourselves. Bruce Di Marsico taught me how to be happy.

Sitting by his side for over twenty years in his groups, classes and workshops, I never tired of his lectures. They chatted about where she lived New Jersey and why. Believing that something can cause unhappiness is the only cause of the fear of it.

Description The Option Method: I traveled through his eyes, and his voice as he spoke ageless wisdom, guiding me through myself, and changing me forever. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.


The cause of unhappiness is a belief. The Myth of Unhappiness. I had never experienced an individual session with Bruce, only classes and groups. I was definitely concerned about this dinner event. His widow, Deborah Mendel, has put together his most succinct work, writings that he had evolved and refined over the thirty some odd years he shared Option with us.

Initially I balked at the great chasm of awe that his presence represented, but being with him, like a flower in the presence of the sun, I felt the fullness of that freedom without restriction for the first time.

The Option Method : Bruce Di Marsico :

Above all, Bruce created the Option Method to help people help themselves to find their deepest wisdom and happiness. But there was something more profound for me. Looking for beautiful books?

Di Marsico It just so happens, that when people realize they have a choice in their emotions, it makes a difference to them. The belief that we have to be unhappy is the only cause. To see him interact on a personal individual level with a student or friend was always a joy and many times, an awesome experience. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions As Di Marsico says “What I like to teach my students is that attitudes are bodily stances.

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