Absolute Native Electronics – Product Details – Compatible with ARDUINO, RASPBERRY PI, AVR, PIC, , etc. Product Description: PIR infrared sensor. This motion sensor circuit based on PIR motion detector module BS (or BS) that can be used for security or corridor lighting in. PIR Bs / HC-SR – Buy Pir Sensor at best price of Rs 70 /piece from Micro Impex. Also find here related product comparison. | ID:

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I have constructed this circuit, but I also have some problems on it.

Design Guides Product Development: And what is the model of the IR diode. If you have further doubts, then comment in here. Circuit diagram with Parts list.

Welcome to Micro Impex PRODUCT

You are saying that if i interchange pin5 50k pot to pin 6. Now the circuit is ready to work. Set R1 and R5 to mid range esnsor then adjust R7 at some point the buzzer should start to buzz if something moves in front of it.


At normal condition, that is, when there is no intrusion the output pin 7 of IC2 will be low.

PIR Bs / HC-SR at Rs 70 /piece | Pir Sensor | ID:

H ere is the circuit diagram of an infrared motion detector that can be used to sense intrusions. To answer your first question. Automated Plant Watering System. Thanks for yor kind reply. R7 is used to set the value of the non inverting input pin 5 of IC2b.

Submit some details of what you want to achieve. Virender, I believe pins 2 and 3 are correct as shown but Pins 5 and 6 in above diagram should be the other way around!

PIR Bs1600 / HC-SR501

It detects changes in the strength of the returned signal. Someone need simulink proteus of ir detector. Actually I have seen the same circuit with the different connections.

I am one of the fans of circuitstoday. Thank you very much for this circuit,i sensoor use it in my project and i hope it shall work fine.


Any ideas on what could be going wrong. Would you please give me a detailed explanation of how the receiver works ie from the photo diode to the IC2b pin 7. I would still use the op amp senwor drive the amplifier after all, that is what the op amp was designed for. Is there any alternate to it? What is Vero Board you ask! Can u explain to me?

Sir I am awaiting your Reply pls. Piezo buzzers work on an oscillating frequency.

Oops In previous question I meant what does the 50k pot R7 do. I used three 9V batteries, made a 9V split supply for the receiver. I came across a bs16000 motion sensor in proteussensor. LDR cannot respond to IR rays. Can you please let me know how to make 5VDC power supply without transformer. Is this circuit working??

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