Todas as aplicações estão listadas no catálogo de velas de ignição NGK, no TecDoc e na pesquisa de produto online em 18P A gama . Title: Ngk Catalogo Motos 14 15, Author: automocion frauval, Length: mm Junta circular 14,0 P Vela de platina NA Ø12,0 17,5 mm Assento cónico 14,0 S. fuel/air mixture. NGK V-line spark plugs offer perfect ignition of the fuel/air mixture . NGK vela por la precisión y las nuevo catálogo de NGK, en. TecDoc y.

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SAAB 2. Als een bougie uitvalt, is een verkeerd aandraaimoment meestal de oorzaak hiervan. Other advantages of using Green Spark Plug are:.

Range Rover TDI 2. V6 24V CF2 3. Excluded from this is normal wear and tear and any form of racing activities. Esto se debe a nkg los pares de apriete se calculan multiplicando dos dimensiones: The spark plug is developed for each type of engine to the original condition of the vehicle.

The spark plug dissipates heat through its isolator and spark plug isolator to the thread, passing from spark plug thread to the head, and from the head to the cooling system, i.

To the correct felas of the NGK recommendations catalog we should have some basic vehicle information such as:. Therefore, there is no way to indicate a spark plug for an engine that has been modified. Possibly, better to check engine especially for fuel injection timing. If uncertain, remove the glow plug for visual checking, measure its resistance with a tester, or apply the rated voltage indicated on its hexagon to check for heating.

The determination of the heat rating is performed through measuring instruments that are installed in an engine, which in turn is coupled to an engine dynamometer. Recognizable mistakes, such as printing errors are subject to careful scrutiny by the user. The coal is an electric power conductor, therefore, a carbonized spark plug will suffer loss of insulation causing misfires.


Its robust construction guarantees excellent combustion gas tightness. Tapered seat type 14 x Overheating can generate the pre-ignition. A NGK promove o aumento da procura entre os seus clientes.

NGK takaa tarkkuuden ja mainittujen ominaisuuksien yhdenmukaisuuden nykyisen, ajanmukaisen tuotantoteknologian mahdollistamalla tavalla.

Bij publicatie van deze uitgave komen alle vorige catalogi te vervallen. Where the spark plug itself burn all the coal waste of the firing end. Through the appearance of the spark plug firing end we can assess the conditions of wear and spark plug burning. Twin Spark 16V- ti 2. Another great advantage of this spark plug is the use of fuels such as CNG, where due to the use of mixtures too lean require higher voltages to generate the sparking.

We can recognize a spark plug that suffered overheating through spark plug firing end examinations. The use of resistive spark plug is not related to the useful life of the spark plug, i.

Dat komt doordat een aandraaimoment berekend wordt door twee grootheden met elkaar te vermenigvuldigen: This practice is not recommended, because it can change the operation of the engine in the original fuel as well as the levels of emissions of the vehicle.

NGK Catalogo de Velas – [PDF Document]

We do not accept any responsibility in catalofo of legal claims arising out of the contents of this list. This catalogue supersedes all previous catalogues. Wettige aanspraak volgens FAA richtlijnen voor vliegtuigmotoren is in deze uitgave niet opgenomen.

Twin Spark 16V- L 1.

NGK Catalogo De Coches 15 16

F9 YE05 73 We can also apply the angular torque, where the spark plug is screwed by hand until it touches the head and then the torque is applied:. The automakers guide in their manuals that in severe usage conditions of the vehicle the interval between maintenances should be reduced by half, that is, if the automaker establishes a spark plug exchanging period every 20, km, on condition of severe usage the exchange should be performed every 10, km.


Una ayuda para las bobinas de encendido Diversos estudios llevados a cabo por NGK han demostrado que el voltaje requerido en motores de gas incrementa en unos 7. How long will a spark plug last?

As we increase the rotation and engine load, the temperature at the firing end is increased. Spark Plug recommendations regarding FAA guidelines for aeroplane power units are not included in this edition. That is because a torque can be calculated from two sizes which are multiplied by one another: Metal shellThe coil will be damaged if current flows continuously.

The spark plugs, glow plugs, and caps listed in our Catalogue can be used in the engines which we recommend in our catalogue. Auch ein Bruch von Isolator oder Mittelelektrode infolge von Vibrationen ist denkbar.

Ngk Catalogo Motos 14 15

If the tightening torque is set too high, the spark plug can snap off. Very worn spark plugs indicate the need for exchange. It is better to turn the glow plugs off for a short while and then ve again.

The first item that we should check out is whether the application is correct for the vehicle, to do so just consult the NGK recommendations catalog or the automaker manual.

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