For those who have tried and failed to initiate a program of personal Bible study, ” Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” is ideal. Chuck Missler provides readers with the. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours: Small Group Pack. Dr. Chuck Missler. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours Small Group Pack, DVD Plus 6 Workbooks – Designed. Stream Learn The Bible in 24 Hours | Chuck Missler, a playlist by AgapeAudio from desktop or your mobile device.

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Are you ready for a detailed yet thoroughly enjoyable study of the most profound book ever written? The title suggests you could spend 24 hours and “learn the Bible. In fact he says that those who claim to be amillenialists as I am are denying the word of God and calling him a liar.

The content and clarity provided by this resource was astonishing! At no point does he tell you what to believe or accept unquestioned.

Learn the Bible in 24 hours with Chuck Missler | GOD TV

But doubt that much would be retained. For the novice as well as the sophisticate, this audiobook is full of surprises. The Gospels Hour The evidences of the truly “human” nature of Leaarn Christ are littered throughout this treatise.

Rest assured he would say the same about this work.

This is a book of victory: Nov 15, Mary Del Carlo is currently reading it Recommends it for: Mind you, the propaganda in this situation is fierce, you simply have to look at the internet to see it, but here is a couple of examples: The thing with Revelation and other parts of the Bible that are purportedly said to be about the end times is that they have all been interpreted as different things in different times and in different places.


I recommend this for anyone wanting to get more out of their study of the Bible. But like the Berians, and as Missler himself urges, I want to check out some of his claims e.

The vague beliefs I have always carried with me about the scriptures have been absolutely cemented in reality from the insights offered by Chuck Missler.

Chuck Missler’s most popular series is a lasting legacy to the prolific Bible teacher.

Charles Missler and Dr. Hold it, what about the gospels — the four central books around which the entire Bible is focused that talk about the life and teachings of the man that forms the basis of the Christian religion?

The Book of Daniel: Examine the heroic tales of Exodus, the lasting wisdom of Proverbs, or even the enigmatic imagery of Revelation with the simple, scripturally sound insights and fresh perspectives found in Learn the Bible in 24 Buble. Today, more than 20 centuries later, respected Bible scholars Dr. However, he’s not expounding the Bible, he’s giving an overview, and that he does.

The problem that I have with this book gours that it seems to elevate some sins above others, and misinterprets some passages. Dec 26, Roddy rated it really liked it.

Almost too much good information to absorb in only one read. We want what we want and screw everybody else and the environment.

It doesn’t even sound as if it was an invitation to participate in an orgy. The Rise and Fall of the Monarchy.

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours (Audiobook) by Chuck Missler |

The Bible isn’t about how God is going to bring this present world to a close — we are just told he is going to do that some time in the future, whether it be in half-an-hour’s time or in half a millenium’s time. My biggest bugbear was his repetition, but his final chapter despite further repetition in the overview of the entire book was powerful! Skip to main content. An understanding of the reality in which we live can only be accomplished with a thorough understanding of God’s Word.


Don’t like your audiobook? We are the ultimate winners in the game of life! The Book of Ezekiel: It’ll be an adventure! So, the question that I raise is, if angels are sexless how is it that they can have sex with humans maybe they gave themselves the respective equipment? Just some of the feedback includes:. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Very stimulating, invoked a greater desire to study the bible.

Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

2 Job — Song of Songs. More from the same Author The Book of Revelation: Where as most nations would have simply ceased to exist and would have vanished from the face of the Earth over that time, the Jews still exist and still have a racial identity. Paperbackpages. The Book of Matthew: Sure, I accept that the Jews are God’s chosen people, and the fact that they survived a year long diaspora is testament to that.

Connie A Caraway The lens is focused on the person of Jesus Christ, and his destiny is imminent. Learn the Bible This is a helpful book.

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