Claritas Prizm NE Marketing Segmentation Research Solutions. Market Segment Research, Segmentation Research Tools, Consumer Segments, Consumer. It was developed by Claritas. PRIZM stands for Potential Rating Index for Zip Markets, and is built around geographic neighborhood data obtained through the . Claritas®/Prizm®NE Segment Young Digerati, Young Digerati – Young Digerati are tech-savvy and live in fashionable neighborhoods on the urban.

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Many of its residents are twentysomething singles and couples just starting out on their career paths–or starting over after recent divorces or company transfers. The residents tend clarigas be poor, over 65 years old, and living in older, modest-sized homes and manufactured housing. Business Prospect Lists can be used to identify and locate your prospects in any market or analysis area.

Claritas PRIZM | Terrebonne Parish Library System

PRIZM Premier combines demographic, consumer behavior, and geographic data to help marketers find and engage their customers and prospects.

Brite Lights, Li’l City is a group of well-off, middle-aged couples settled in the nation’s satellite cities. This segment is a refuge for college-educated, white-collar professionals with administrative jobs. Simple Pleasures — With many of its residents over 65 years old, Simple Pleasures is mostly a retirement lifestyle: Blue Blood Estates — Blue Blood Estates is a family portrait of suburban wealth, a place of million-dollar homes and manicured lawns, high-end cars and exclusive private clubs.

Gray Power reflects this trend, a segment of older, midscale singles and couples who live in quiet comfort. This page was last edited on 5 Septemberat They enjoy a wide variety of media and are average in their overall use of technology.


With their service industry jobs and modest incomes, these folks still try to fashion fast-paced lifestyles centered on sports, cars, and dating. Residents enjoy baseball, basketball, and volleyball, as well as fishing, hunting, and horseback riding. Composed of restless singles and young families in the nation’s rural areas.

It is a widely used customer segmentation system for marketing in the United States to help companies find customers, quickly and at scale. But what unites these residents–a diverse mix of Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and African-Americans–is a working-class sensibility and an appreciation clarits their off-the-beaten-track neighborhoods.

In these ethnically diverse neighborhoods–nearly 50 percent are African-American or Hispanic–residents are often widows or widowers living on fixed incomes and maintaining low-key lifestyles. In these small satellite cities, upscale families boast dual incomes, college degrees, and new split-levels and colonials.

Claritas PRIZM

With lucrative blue-collar jobs and moderately priced housing, residents use their discretionary cash to purchase boats, campers, motorcycles, and pickup trucks. This segment leads busy, active lives often centered ptizm the schedules and interests of their children.

You’re going to add to the demographic work you did in section 3.

Old Milltowns — America’s once-thriving mining and manufacturing towns have aged–as have the residents in Old Milltowns communities. This is the top-ranked segment for all-inclusive travel packages; the favorite destination is Europe. They are highly educated and have a high percentage of executives and white-collar professionals. Members of this social group tend to be midscale to upscale, college educated and ethnically diverse, with above-average concentrations of Asian and Hispanic Americans.

Middle-aged or older, with high school educations and midscale incomes, these prrizm are transitioning from blue-collar jobs to the service industry.


Old Glories — The residents of Old Glories are the nation’s downscale suburban retirees, Americans aging in place in older apartment complexes.


Each Lifestage Group’s combination of the three variables—affluence, householder age, and presence of children at home together offer a more robust picture of the consumer.

Diversity is the hallmark of Midtown Mix, a group of mostly lower-middle-income urban segments. TV news and daytime programming, Spanish and African-American radio, telephony services and pagers, claritae fast food and high-end department stores. Despite living further out from the urban downtowns, they still like to go out on the town for frequent meals out.

Consisted of older, midscale couples with no kids at home. Fast-Track Families — With their upscale incomes, numerous children, and spacious homes, Fast-Track Families are in their prime acquisition years. They are more often renters, living in suburban neighborhoods and second cities. Many have executive jobs and live in recently built homes. A diverse social group, these five segments contain a mix of old and young, singles and widowers, whites, African-Americans, and Hispanics.

Claritas Prizm – Wikipedia

Found in small bucolic towns around the country, these high school-educated seniors live in small apartments. It’s the most ethnically diverse social group, and consists of a mix of singles and couples, homeowners and renters, college alumni and high school graduates.

Golden Ponds — Golden Ponds is mostly a retirement lifestyle, dominated by downscale singles and couples over 65 years old.

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