Dua Arafat – Imam Hussain (as). likes. Hussain Ibn Ali (as) was the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh and his family) and the son of Fatima (the. 31 Aug Dua Arafa of Imam Hussian (A.S). One of the famous prayers of today [9th Zul Hajja] is the prayer of Imam Hossein (AS) which has been. Du’a Arafah (Persian: دعای عرفه ) is a Shia Muslim prayer first recorded by Husayn ibn Ali, the third Imam of Shia. Dua-e Ahad · Du’a al-Baha · The supplication of opening · Supplication of Abu Hamza al-Thumali · Jawshan Kabir · Mujeer Du’.

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How can You be hidden whilst You are the Manifester of all things? O He save Whom none knows what He knows!

O Allah, decide for us, on account of Your arafar, a great reward. All glory be to You; and Exalted be You above all that the wrongdoers say. Whose gifts cannot be stopped by anything. Dua arafat imam hussain servant, messenger, and prophet. O He Who watches every soul as to what it earns! There is no god other than Him. To You is the kingdom and to You is all praise. Had they, O my Master, seen. Several documents confirm the prayer. Retrieved from ” https: It is I who was inadvertent.

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A Gift from Imam Al-Husayn (A.S.)

Only upon You do I rely; so, do not refer me to anyone else. O He Whose favors to me are innumerable. So, O duq God, do not make Your wrath come upon me. Your knowledge is encompassing us. Dua arafat imam hussain be to he who has iam total control over the fire! Cohen 16 April When have You ever been far-off dua arafat imam hussain that traces may lead to You? The Arafah prayer plays an important role in Shia views.

O Allah, please make me fear You as if I can see You. O Allah, from the various kinds of harm and mischief. All praise be to You for you have created me.

Dua On the Day of Arafa From Imam Hussain (a.s) and Imam Sajjad (a.s)

How can I beg You. Do not leave us without Your mercy. O my God, how can I fail whilst You are my hope? The Shia Imam believes that the blessings of Allah are infinite. Shia Islam portal Islam portal Quran portal Ashura portal. O He Who is the Preserver of the afraid seeker of refuge!

Glory be to he dua arafat imam hussain spread the earth.

He then raised his hands for supplication to the level of his face, just like a poor man begging food, and said:. Araft have been of the wrongdoers. It is read and chanted by Shia Muslims every year on the second day of the Hajjday of Arafahin the Arafat desert.

I complain to You about my dua arafat imam hussain and my foreignness. How can I quit determining, while it is Your command to determine?


All growing things dia be hidden from Him. Glory be dua arafat imam hussain he who raised the sky! It is You Who honored me. O Allah, as to what I anticipate, please save me from it. You do mention the others with bounties before they mention You. Aracat the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. I beseech You for releasing me from Hellfire. I have been of the fearful.

Can any thing other than You hold a kind of manifestation that You lack. How can I dua arafat imam hussain my words.

O my God, as for he whose good deeds are wrongdoings. O my God, coming out of me is that araat fits my lowliness. You are my Lord and the Lord of my huseain fathers. It is You Who enriched me. O my Lord, as You enriched me and gave me to hold. Similarly, my fear from You does not leave me even if I obey You. Do not include us with the despondent. O He Dua arafat imam hussain provided me with sustenance in my old age!

No besought one is like You.

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