Introductions to the Wissenschaftslehre and other writings, of the Wissenschaftslehre — Review of the Journal for truth — Note to “Fichte and Kant”. Introductions to the Wissenschaftslehre and other writings, / J.G. Fichte ; edited and translated, with an introduction and notes, by Daniel Breazeale. Original title: Erste Einleitung in die Wissenschaftslehre () The present introduction was written by Fichte in , three years after the.

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In the immense gulf, which in that system remains always open between Things and Representations, it places a few empty words instead of an explanation, which words may certainly be committed to memory, but in saying which nobody has ever yet thought, nor ever will think, anything. Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page.

Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Introductions to the Wissenschaftslehre and Other Writings – PhilPapers

The series is and remains a simple one; and you have not at all explained what was to wissnschaftslehre explained. A Thing, on the contrary, is to be this or that; but as soon as the question is put: He continues the discussion defining the difference in abstraction between dogmatism and idealism as the polar opposite views of understanding experience.

Determined by my academical vocation, I wrote, in the first instance, for my hearers, with whom it was in my power to explain myself in words until I was understood. Even as he was thoroughly revising his presentation of the foundational portion of his system, Fichte was simultaneously engaged in elaborating the various subdivisions or systematic branches of the same.

Introduction to Fichte’s Science of Knowledge

Hence, on the field of Practical Reason and of Reflective Judgment, this half criticism, lacking the insight into the whole procedure of reason, gropes about as in total darkness. Probleme ihres AnfangsBonn: This work was published before January 1,and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least years ago. State University of New York Press, Charles Griswold – unknown. Rigorously—and this is the course of consistent dogmatism, which thus becomes materialism;—the soul is to them no Thing at all, and indeed nothing at all, but merely a production, the result of the reciprocal action of Things amongst themselves.


Hence you can not convince the Dogmatist by the proof just stated, however clear it may be, for you can not bring the proof to his knowledge, since he lacks the power to comprehend it.

Despite widespread misunderstanding of this point, the Wissenschaftslehre is not a theory of the absolute I.

Such an original limitation of the I is, however, a limit for the I only insofar as the I posits it as such. Hence the a priori and the a posteriori are, in a true Philosophy, not two, but one and the same, only viewed in two different ways, and distinguished only by the manner in which they are obtained. The common beholder sees the metal well known to him; the chemist beholds, moreover, the composition thereof and the elements which it comprises.

In other languages Add links. On purely a priori grounds, therefore, Fichte purports to be able to determine the general requirements fiche such a wiwsenschaftslehre and the sole justification for legitimate political coercion and obligation. As was his custom, he did this first in his private lectures and then in published texts based upon the same. But he will have to add the thought of an Intelligence, for which the Thing is to be; while, on the contrary, the Intelligence is self-sufficient and requires no additional thought.

For consciousness contains not only necessity of Representations, but also freedom thereof; and this freedom again may proceed according to rules. This Idealism proceeds from a single fundamental Law of Wissenschaftsleyre, which, is immediately shown as contained in consciousness.

Appleton-Century-Crofts, ; 2nd ed. Idealism is the only possible remaining Philosophy. Site members Recent changes List all pages Page Tags Site Manager Page tags 19th fuchte ask century class contemporary ethics glass ideology judgment law moral notes of paris philosophy problems reading social thought zooey. Thus with the Philosopher. The teacher of that Science requests his reader or hearer to think freely a certain conception.


That the object of every philosophy, as explanatory ground of Experience, must lie beyond all experience, is required by the very nature of philosophy, and is far from being derogatory to a system. We know very well: Find it on Scholar. Whether that product will agree with the given number, you will find out, without any difficulty, as soon as you have obtained it.

If anybody should not be able to convince himself of the truth of what we have just said, this would not make his conviction of the truth of the whole system an impossibility, since what we have just said was only intended as a passing remark. During the Jena period Fichte also developed a system of natural right and ethics, providing for strong redistributive rights and responsibilities on the part of the state, with a view to insuring civil and economic equality of all citizens.

This necessity of thinking it is, which forces one from that point of view to the question: Now certain determined representations—as, for instance, of a world, of a material world in space, existing without any work of our own—are to be deduced from the action of the Intelligence; but you can not deduce anything determined from an undetermined; the form of all deductions, the category of ground and sequence, is not applicable here.

Hence, an Idealism of this character is unproven and unprovable. This leap they seek to hide in various ways. The principle of the dogmatist is: This now described complete critical Idealism, the Science of Knowledge intends to establish.

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