Formula Student Electric Rules Version Page 4. Release date: 2. General. The principle of Formula Student Electric is to allow the. Anti Intrusion Plate (Specific FSG/FSE change of Formula SAE® Part B Rule ) Securing Fasteners (Specific FSG/FSE change of. Formula SAE Rules revision ARTICLE 3: FORMULA SAE RULES AND ORGANIZER FIA , FIA

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The following requirements and restrictions will be enforced through technical inspection. The only teams that would change their powertrain based on economy vs efficiency are those small handful of teams I can think of urles 2 or 3 who’s main competition goal is winning fuel economy. Kaley Zundel, kzundel sae.

Adjustment of wing angle, but not the location. Curious alumni Monash Motorsport. When the electronic submission system is ready for use an announcement will be made on the FSAE news page. Both an electronic version and a hard copy version are required. There are no exceptions to the document submission deadlines and late submissions will incur penalties. Last Jump to page: After the first month of registration any untaken slots at any of the competitions will be available to any team on a first come, first serve basis.

Until that system is ready for use questions should be submitted following the traditional procedure covered by rules A Noncompliance must be corrected and the car re-inspected before the car is allowed to operate under power.

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The SAE website will be updated with the rules soon, but the rules are available now on our updated fsaeonline. Fixing typos and clarifying frequently asked questions is not included in that, but wherever possible we’re avoiding changing things on the ‘off year’.

Team captains automatically have the same roles and privileges as their team members. User Name Remember Me?


Program Submissions — Program submission requirements differ across competitions and may or may not involve penalties.

Registration for the North American Formula SAE competitions will close at the date and time posted on the competition website or when all the registration slots have been taken, whichever occurs first. Adjustment to engine operating parameters, e. Volunteer judges evaluate all the required submissions and it is essential that they have rulfs time to complete their work. It was part of the possible future rules changes in already and now again sits in this spot.

All protests must be filed in writing and presented to the organizer or SAE staff by the team captain. And Percy remains a legless cripple. This rule is only a summary; it does not supersede the individual event rules. The technical documents listed below include both 1 standards that are identified in the rules and 2 standards that the TSB and the various rules committees believe are valuable references or which may be mentioned in future rule sets.

Neither the competition organizers nor the competition sites can be listed as the receiving party. Adjustment of belts, chains and clutches. For everyone else, this is a tuning issue. Program Submissions — Material required for programs is specific to each competition.


РЕГЛАМЕНТ англ – Стр 2

Teams may not protest rule interpretations or actions that have not fzae them any substantive damage. Please watch for announcements. Read the individual rules for complete document submission requirements. Upon the completion of the repair and before re-entering into any dynamic competition, the vehicle MUST be re-submitted to Technical Inspection for re-approval.

Replacement of worn tires or brake pads. Document Access — Uploaded documents can only be viewed by 1 members of the submitting team, 2 authorized judges, technical inspectors and officials and 3 CDS staff.

Teams have fdae option to replace uploaded documents with a new file at any time, however between the.

2010 Purdue Formula SAE Car 1.0

Correct, Lithium Iron Phosphate. Bill, could you elaborate why the proposed change of the Economy Scoring was not integrated?

Shipments must be sent with the sending team or university listed as the receiving party. And it’s a mixed bag next year anyway. Documents may be uploaded to the website from the time your fsaeonline account has been created and accepted See A8.

Can we expect this rule to change for ?

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