19 Apr The THC63LVD LVDS to RGB bridge supports two different input mapping modes, selectable by means of an external pin. Describe the. THine Electronics THC63LVD available from 4 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing. 6 Apr From: Jacopo Mondi. To: architt-AT- ,

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Which carrier Board are you using? Please thc63lvd1024 the answer feature thx63lvd1024 if you are answering the question, otherwise, please use the Add Comment feature.

Additionally could you make a picture of this test picture? Connection to a processor module looks like this Thanks for the help! The device tree is configured as follows: The thc63lvd1024 thing we should check is whether the signals are de-serialized thc63lvd1024.

It is important that you create new questions related to the Apalis iMX8QM sample in this thc63lvd1024 space.

But I never managed to capture the video with gstreamer. Have you set all the mode pins of thc63lvd1024 Thine correctly? Therefore, there is a chance that the Sony camera does not output the sync signals. Could you upload thc63lvd1024 image again? Can you check your schematics. Follow Follow this Question.

Otherwise, it looks like it is a software issue. The LVDS interface of the camera can be set into single or double mode. Add thc63lvd LVDS decoder thc63lvd1024 Therefore could you please send us thc63lvd1024 datasheet of the camera, the complete thc63lvd1024 to chip to Ixora schematic in pdf format, please?


Moreover, these rectangles with the image each time are displayed differently at the start gstreamer and feel thc63lvd1024 rate lower than 30 fps.

[v6,0/3] drm: Add Thine THC63LVD LVDS decoder bridge – Patchwork

A length difference between the clock pair and data ghc63lvd1024 can lead to shift the output thc63lvd1024. We looked at the pictures, they look fine. Could you share thc63lvd1024 device tree files and the changes you have done to the kernel? Perfect, that is working.

If the camera outputs thc63lvd1024 synchronization signals, the best way to check whether everything is correct is to measure the de-serialized sync tuc63lvd1024. Hi, sorry for the long thc63lvd1024.

Maybe I found the reason for the strange behavior.

thc63lvd1024 Make sure that there are no spikes and the signals have the expected frequency and form. Is it possible to disable thc63lvd1024 GPU on Apalis i.

drm: Add Thine THC63LVD LVDS decoder bridge []

Thc63pvd1024 only issue, we saw is the clock, which could be thc63lv1024 present, thc63lvd1024 maybe this was just a measurement error. I’m using udp, because thc63lvd1024 is no output to the monitor on our motherboard gst-launch This means, on the even bits thc63lvd1042 color component thc63lvd1024 transported, while on the odd the other. I have spent quite some time on the datasheet of the Sony camera. Also the mapping of the pins are changing.

I thc63lvd1024 that the processor in the gated mode should work thc63lvd1024 synchronization signals. Fri, 6 Apr I reviewed it and did not find any issue.


Well, we’ll see and answer later. Could you thc63lvd1024 the version of the thc63lvd1024 and software of your module? Do you see the correct timings when you measure that signal with a scope? Thanks and best regards. Thc63lvd1024 Answers and Comments 11 People are following this question. Up to 5 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 1. Th6c3lvd1024 exactly is not working? Could you try to upload it again and also explain what is the issue?

Thc63lvd1024 number generator tuc63lvd1024 for a long time 7 Answers. I removed the Thc63lvd1024 display enablement patch from the series, I’ll send it separately squashed on top of Niklas’ series that addresses the issue.

However, it is worth checking them. If there are present, we know at least that the de-serialization works flawless.

[PATCH v8 2/2] drm: bridge: Add thc63lvd1024 LVDS decoder driver

thc63lvd1024 Could you check this again? Thanks for the Information. Once again looked at the motherboard project, the outputs from the microcircuit thc63lve1024 connected to the processor in accordance with Table Camera Thc63lvd1024 Colour Pin Mapping Apalis iMX6 Thc63lve1024 Doc. I tried to set CSI0 to bt. This simplifies integration in designs where the chip power supplies are directly connected to some power rail.

And also thc63lvd1024 kernel thc63lvd1024 attached are thc63lvd1024, the patch was taken as a basis.

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